A water bottling & labeling company located in Miami, Florida. Our water is a refreshing taste of the Heatherwood Naturally High Alkaline Springs, Crystal River Florida.


Our soft bottles with less plastic, are composed of 25% plant material and 75% recycled material and are eco friendly, BPA free and 100% recyclable.


For every bottle sold, water will be donated to children & people in need of clean drinking water.


Why Naturally High Alkaline Spring Water?

With a pH level higher than 7.5 Pureté H2o Naturally high Alkaline Spring Water can balance the acid level in the human body. (A pH above 7 is considered Alkaline, while a pH lower than 7 is acidic- normal water typically has a pH of 7). Maintaining bodily pH level of 7.4 is the id key to optimum health. Because so many foods in the modern diet are considered acidic, drinking water with a higher pH than normal can help your body stay alkaline and diseases free, improving all aspects of health. Many people call it a better form of hydration, and many drink Pureté H2o Naturally High Alkaline Spring Water with a pH of 8.3